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Below you will find a list of training materials and presentations for classes offered by STSI.

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Beginner Windows Computer Classes for Adults

Computer Kindergarten for Grownups
Computer 1st Grade for Grownups
Computer 2nd Grade for Grownups
Computer 3rd Grade for Grownups
Computer 4th Grade for Grownups
Computer 5th Grade for Grownups
Computer 6th Grade for Grownups
Computer 7th Grade for Grownups
Computer 8th Grade for Grownups
Introduction to Computers 1
Introduction to Computers 2 
Your Computer – The Possibilities 1
Your Computer – The Possibilities 2
Your Computer – The Possibilities 3
Your Computer – The Possibilities 4
Introduction to Computers in Spanish


Introduction to Microsoft Word
Intermediate Microsoft Word
Advanced MS Word (no mail merge)
MS Word – Mail Merge
Desktop Publishing with Microsoft Word


Introduction to Microsoft Excel
Intermediate Microsoft Excel
Advanced Microsoft Excel
Practice File for Intermediate Excel
Practice File for Advanced Excel
Practice File for Pivot Tables – Sample 1
Practice File for Pivot Tables – Sample 2
Practice File Excel for Home Use
YouTube Videos for Excel


Introduction to PowerPoint
Intermediate PowerPoint
Files for PowerPoint Class


Introduction to Access
Intermediate and Advanced Access
YouTube Video Tutorial for Access


Introduction to Publisher
Intermediate Publisher
Advanced Publisher Tutorials
Microsoft Office Tips and Tricks


How to Use Your Digital Camera
Working with Your Digital Photos
Editing Your Digital Photographs Windows 10
Introduction to Photoshop
Intermediate Photoshop
Photoshop Tutorials
Create Photo Greeting Cards
All About Canva


All About Email
All About Email Part 2 – Attaching and Downloading
Introduction to GMail
All About the Internet
Introduction to the Internet in Spanish
Practical Internet Use in Spanish
Introduction to Email in Spanish


Adobe Dreamweaver 
   Session 1 Files
Distance Converter
Magic 8 Ball
Tax Calculator
   Session 2 Files
File Opening
Deck of Cards 
   Session 3 Files
Planetary Orbits
Graphical Interface
JavaScript Manual
JavaScript Class Lessons


Google Apps
Google Docs 
Google Sheets
Google Forms
Google Analytics


All About GPS
All About Amazon Prime Benefits
Introduction to Cricut
Introduction to Cryptocurrency 
All About Windows 11
Skype, Facetime, and Zoom Video Chatting
Apps For A Healthy Lifestyle
What is Your Digital Footprint
All About Streaming Services
Selling your Home 
Facebook and Instagram for Small Business
Safely Banking Online
Intro to Zoom – Host a Meeting
Online Job Searching – Work From Home
Selling Items Online (FB Groups, Poshmark, etc)
Using Money Saving Apps on Your Smartphone
All About Cloud Storage
All About Smart Home Devices
Social Media – Facebook – Twitter – Instagram
Social Media – Twitter – Instagram – Snapchat
All About Crowdfunding
Shop Safely Online
Computer Clean up and Security
Social Networking Online
Skype, Facetime, and Video Chatting 
Monitoring Your Child’s Social Media
All About Facebook
All About eBay
All About Etsy
How to Buy Technology
Introduction to Twitter and Instagram
Intro to Genealogy and Ancestry
Craig’s List



Introduction to Quickbooks (Part 1) 

Quickbooks Part 2 – coming soon

Quickbooks Part 3  – coming soon

QuickBooks Information




Ebooks/Audiobooks Using Libby (Nassau and Suffolk County)
Kindle Fire



Session I – Online Job Search Techniques
Session II – Creating a Winning Resume (includes MS Word)
*Session II – Alternate Option Create, Format & Email Your Resume* (Includes MS Word, Attaching in Email and Uploading to Websites)
Session III – Communication and Interviewing Techniques
Intro to LinkedIn


(Android and Apple)

iPhone User Guide
iPad User Guide
Photo Editing on iPhone (under construction)
Inside your iPad/iPhone (settings) 
Cool Apps for iPad and iPhone (under construction)
Intro to iCloud
Apple SmartWatch
Intro to Android Devices
Additional Android Information for Beginners
Cool Apps for Android (under construction)



Intro to the Mac
Internet and Email on Your Mac Computer
Pages on Your Mac Computer
Keynote on Your Mac Computer
Numbers on Your Mac Computer
Organizing Your Mac – Using Files and Folders
Introduction to Photo on Mac (previously iPhoto)


Setting Up Your New Computer
Windows 10
Windows 10 User Guide
Intro to TurboTax

Young Adult Programs

  • Virtual Reality
  • Introduction to Coding
  • Introduction to Robotics
  • Computer Animation
  • Video Game Design
  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Introduction to Web Design with WordPress
  • Introduction to Web Design with Dreamweaver
  • Video Editing & YouTube
  • Creating iOS Apps
  • Introduction to GarageBand
  • iMovie
  • Intro to Photo on Mac
  • Make a Comic Book on Your Computer
  • Making a Music Video
  • Desktop Publishing

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