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Windows 10

Introduction to Windows 10
This class provides an understanding of the brand new version of Windows. In this hands-on class, learn how to use the Windows 10 desktop, work with files and new folders and applications. Use the new start menu, help, search and much more. Computer Kindergarten, 1st Grade or equivalent.

Setting Up Your New Windows 10 Computer
In this hands-on class, you will learn how to set up your new computer to enhance your work environment. Learn how to create tiles, icons and folders on the start screen and desktop, get apps from the store, use display properties, put files where you need them, understand drives, folders and files, set up and install new programs, remove apps and programs you do not want, use Windows Help, and much more. Prerequisite: Computer Kindergarten, 1st Grade™ or equivalent. Comfort with your Windows 8 computer.

Organize Your Windows 10 Computer
This class provides an understanding of the Windows 10 file management structure including drives, folders and files. Create folders, copy and move files, and delete folders and files. Understand the Windows Desktop, create shortcuts, work with backgrounds, the Recycle Bin and much more.