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All classes can be presented in Spanish

If you would like to customize a class, please call us at 631 539-4978. We will be happy to change the class topic or help you design a class for your specific needs.




Computer Classes for Seniors

Introduction to Computers Part 1
This is a slow-paced, user-friendly class for first-time computer users. Using Windows computers, this unique class covers the basics in a way that even the most inexperienced user will understand.  We will cover turning the computer on, the desktop, using the mouse, opening and closing programs, understanding windows elements, getting out of trouble, and turning the computer off.  All versions of Windows will be addressed. Prerequisites: None.

Introduction to Computers Part 2
In this class, you will learn how to work with text including inputting, inserting, moving, and erasing, learn basic word processing skills, save, open and close files, and understand commands. Prerequisites: Introduction to Computers, Part 1

All About Email
Learn how to create an e-mail address using some of the more popular e-mail providers.  In this hands-on, lecture and demo class you will learn how to send, receive, forward and reply to e-mail. After you have mastered the basics, you will learn how to attach files and download.  This class can be presented hands-on with or without access to your wifi network.  Prerequisites: Introduction to Computers, Part 1 and 2 or equivalent.

All About the Internet 
This class explains how to get online, find information, understand the jargon of the Internet, and much more. If your wifi network is accessible in your conference room, this class can be presented hands on. Prerequisites: Prerequisites: Introduction to Computers, Part 1 and 2 or equivalent.

How to Use Your Smart Phone - Please note classes will be presented for either iPhone or Android phones.
In this lecture and demo workshop, you will learn all about using your smart phone’s features including making and receiving calls, using the Address Book, Camera, Text Messaging and much more.  Bring your smart phone. Prerequisites: None. There is a 36-person limit in this class.

How to Use Your Digital Camera
Learn how to use the basic features of a digital camera including flash settings, optical and digital zoom, menu settings, image quality and much more.  Bring your digital camera, your manual and your questions. There is a 24-person limit in this class.

Working with Your Digital Photos
Hands On!  You have a digital camera and know how to take pictures, but how do you move the images from the camera to the computer? How do you organize your pictures and edit them?  In this class, you will learn the answers to these questions and much more.  We will cover using an image editing program that allows you to resize, crop, adjust light levels, and more.  Learn how to organize, name and save your pictures.  Prerequisites: Introduction to Computers, Part 1 and 2 or equivalent.

Social Networking Online
Facebook, Twitter, blogs, wikis, You Tube . . what’s it all about?!?!  Come to our class and find out!  In this lecture and demo class, you will learn how to use social network sites such as MySpace, instant messenger programs, social bookmarking sites and much more.  Learn about blogs. Post your pictures and videos online..  Bring your questions. Prerequisites: None.

Make Friends or Find a Date Online
Learn how to use online dating sites; find and join support groups, find activity groups or perhaps a partner, social meetings in your town, and much more.  Prerequisites: None.

Setting Up Your New Computer
In this hands-on class, you will learn how to set up your new computer to enhance your work environment.  Learn how to create icons and folders on the desktop, use display properties, put files where you need them, understand drives, folder and files, set up and install new programs, remove programs you do not want, use Windows Help, and much more.  Prerequisites:  Computer Kindergarten for Grownups and Computer 1st Grade for Grownups or equivalent.