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 Your Computer: The Possibilities

In this four-session, hands-on course, you will learn how to use your computer to accomplish some of the most popular applications for home use. Learn how to write a letter, create a newsletter, flyer or sign. Organize your personal finances, setup a bank reconciliation and personal address database, send and receive email and download pictures, edit and print photographs, and much more. Some computer experience required.

This is a four-session, hands-on course that addresses some of the most popular applications for a home computer. Each session meets for two hours. For each session, we bring in twelve Windows notebook computers and our computerized projection system. Each session can accommodate up to 24 participants. We will provide an online manual to each participant, free, unlimited support by email and a free subscription to our email newsletter.

Session I – Use your word processing program to write a letter, create a newsletter and make a flyer or sign. Participants will be working with and editing text, laying out a letter, formatting text and working with graphics.

Session II – Use your spreadsheet program to help manage your personal finances: learn how to create a check register and format for a bank reconciliation, keep track of investments and expenses and create a simple database.

Session III – Understand and use Email: learn how to send, receive and forward email, create and use the address book, download and attach files, and more.

Session IV – Learn how to edit the pictures you receive, such as changing size, cropping, adjusting brightness, removing red eye, printing and more.

You should have completed Computer Kindergarten for Grownups and Computer 1st Grade for Grownups or have equivalent knowledge prior to taking this course. This workshop is structured for beginning and intermediate computer users.