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All classes can be presented in Spanish

If you would like to customize a class, please call us at 631 539-4978. We will be happy to change the class topic or help you design a class for your specific needs.





Computer Cleanup and Security
In this lecture and demo class, you will learn how to clean up and speed up your computer, protect it from viruses and spyware, minimize junk email, and more. Prerequisites: For intermediate and advanced computer users.

Shopping, Safety and Security Online
Safely surf, shop and use the Internet without fear of identity theft, hackers, viruses, spyware, and annoying pop up advertising.  Prerequisites: None.

How to Buy Technology
Laptops, digital cameras, printers, eReaders, iPads and iPods . . . Which one should I buy? Learn what to consider before buying any technology, what goes into an informed purchase and how to find evaluations and shop for bargains online. Prerequisites: None


We also have lectures on these topics:

All About eBay Learn how to safely buy and sell on the world's most popular auction site
Social Networking Online Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and more. Learn how to safely use Social Networking.
iPad and iPhone Classes Apple's hotest gadgets!
Cell Phones and Tablets Android, Kindle Fire, Apple. eBooks and Audiobooks online


Online Job Search, Resume Writing, and Interviewing Techniques
Learn how to use the Internet to find that perfect job!  In these hands-on, lecture and demo classes, you will learn how to develop and create a powerful resume.  Use Microsoft Word to create, style and format an effective resume. Search for a job on the Internet with online job sites and forums.  Learn how to attach and send a resume in an email. Learn about the job search process including responding to ads and forms of communication.  Interview topics discussed will be appearance, pre-interview research, responses to interviewers’ questions, follow up and much more. Prerequisites: None. Click here for a class syllabus.